Shipping Info

We ship all of our products via US Postal Service.

1 to 5lbs is $5.00

Due to being small family business and we cannot be held accountable for any missing and/or lost international or domestic packages. As the shipper, we accept full liability for the care of your order until it has been turned over to USPS, at which point all delivery claims and inquiries are processed through the USPS claim management system. All claims are subject to USPS scrutiny and deliberation. USPS is liable for all packages lost in transit. All packages marked successfully delivered by USPS are not subject to refund inquiries.

If your tracking information indicates your package was delivered but you do not have it, we recommend first checking with your local post office in person. Please note that a telephone call is not the best way to turn up a missing package! An in-person visit armed with your tracking number, name, and address will allow the postal employees to physically check the local post office to see if your package is being held there for you. Sometimes, packages are too large to fit in a mailbox and your postal carrier will not feel comfortable leaving them at your door, so they will place them on the side of your residence or behind a potted plant, etc. for safe keeping. Only after you have checked with your local post office do we recommend  filing a claim with USPS immediately on their website here
If your tracking information does not indicate that your package has been delivered, and appears to be "stuck" somewhere in transit, first check in-person with your local post office using the tracking number as reference. Sometimes, packages are held there and tracking info is not updated to indicate it is being held. A telephone call will usually not be sufficient to determine if your package is being held there, as the phone calls are routed through a centralized customer service location rather than your unique singular post office, and they will only be able to see computer updates rather than physically check if your parcel is being held. This is why it is best to go in-person to your local post office. If your local post office does not have your package when you visit in-person,  file a claim with USPS on their website here