Mommy & Me: Ann Marie Hoang

What’s in your diaper bag?
Pacifier, changing pad, honest diapers, wipes, a couple of toys -- finger puppets, Sophie the Giraffe (organic chew toy)
Who’s more fun to style – clients or kid?
Obviously, Jupiter! She’s a happy camper every single time! Kids clothes are just so cute; there are certain things they can get away with that adults cannot.
Are you more creative before or after having a baby?
I’m definitely more creative after having a baby solely because I have to work around her. I take her to projects I’m working on, and if I hold her to do something, I have to be more of a multi-tasker. which in turn, makes me more creative.
What do you think Jupiter’s spirit animal is? 
I want to say, physically, a panda bear because she’s so cute and chunky! However, she continues to change every single day, so it’s really hard to say. I think in a few months, once she starts talking, I’ll get to really see her personality grow and have a better understanding of what her spirit animal is. For now, I’d say she’s a baby panda.
What is something you did with your mom that you want to do with your kid?
Every year we’d go on a road trip with my cousins and childhood friends, and till this day, we still have those memories. We have relationships built that we’ll never have with anyone else because we’ve grown up together, and saw the world together. We work so hard to survive, so to put a little money aside to enjoy life with my family is definitely something I want to do.
Have you traveled with Jupiter yet?
We haven’t traveled with Jupiter yet, but I think Burning Man will be her first road trip.
Beyoncé and Blue or Kim and North?
That’s so obvious! Beyoncé!


What is your wish for Jupiter? 
My wish for Jupiter is for her to be happy. Guy and I have no expectations. We want her to be her own person, and I’m excited to see her evolve. Jupiter has taught Guy and I things about life that we’ve never known before. If we expect her to be mini versions of us, were going to miss out. I just want her to be jolly and happy forever.


How did you meet Guy?
I met guy at a KRS-one concert, back when I had my corn rolls and hoops. He was shooting a documentary, and I was out for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday, 19 at the time, with a fake ID. We locked eyes with me and gave me that, “I’m coming for you,’ gaze.


Describe the joy of being a mother?
When Jupiter wakes up, in the morning especially, you can tell she’s happy to be on this earth. Seeing her bright smile is the mantra to my day, so it starts off beautifully. You can tell she loves to be here, and she’s not afraid.


How old is she now?
5 months.


What is your favorite go-to Rafia piece?
I love the Small Round Picture Framed Stamp Letter Necklace. I love it because it’s classic and dainty and I can wear it with everything. Right now, I’m all about making things easier. These days, wearing something closer to my neckline, is more practical because Jupiter likes to grab!


What is your favorite stone?
I like opal. It’s so beautiful even in its most raw form. Also, Jupiter the planet, reminds me of opal.

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