Ultraviolet: A Sun Amongst Planets

Say Hello to the Ultraviolet Color Bloom Collection.  This beautiful, breathtaking cocktail of gems is perfect for anyone going through a breakup, career change or any major life transition. 

The Ultraviolet set will help you face your fears, speak your mind and discover the you - you were always meant to be.  Each gemstone has a special meaning and when combined create the perfect cocktail, "Im Coming Out"!

If you're ready to break out of that stuffy box or at least spruce it up add one or all of these pieces to your wardrobe and start to embrace your inner diva. 



The smarter the machines, the shorter the human attention span.  Let Amethyst pick up where your coffee leaves off.  Be sharper, braver, bolder and keep all the negative thoughts and haters at bay with this gorgeous purple stone. Known as the stone of sobriety, wearing it can allow you to finally out drink your drunk uncle.  Not only will Amethyst help you crush your presentation, party like its 1999 after and still be up for 6am yoga, being sick will become a thing of the past.


You may be too old to search for life advice in Disney films, but Elsa singing “Let it go!” as she tore off the gloves that oppressed her was an iconic moment in cinema history.  There is no wonder her dress was the color of Aquamarine.  This stone represents the power of letting go, speaking and living your truth and clarity.  Wearing this will bring you a compassionate energy that is needed during negotiations or confrontations.   Aquamarine is the perfect secret weapon to bring along when fighting a traffic ticket that was totally not your fault.  


Not feeling like yourself? Instead of reaching for a Snickers grab an Opal.  Opal is known to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, helping you to truly reach your full potential.  Never crumble to the pressures of societies “hot or not” list again, this stone will help stimulate originality and dynamic creativity.  Can’t find your mojo? Is your sauce just not dripping like it uses too? Emerge your body in a bath of Opals and step out your truest self.


Tanzanite is a one-of-a-kind gemstone unlike any other and can only be found in one place on Earth: the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.  This stone is high in vibration energy and works wonders when used for meditation.  If Deja vu, and your dreams have become overwhelming this stone can help you find calm and balance.  Embrace your inner Miss Cleo and stay a step ahead of the game by tapping into your psychic side. 


We all have a friend that can’t shut up.  Most times we hate them, but sometimes we wish we could command a room as they do.  Chalcedony is known as the speakers’ stone, it’s the perfect choice for those of us who are shy and works wonders on our talkative counterparts helping to hold back words they might later regret.  This stone is great at absorbing negative energy and destroying it before it can be passed on to others.  If you find it hard remembering to taste your thoughts before you spit them out hang Chalcedony from your neck to avoid choking on your words.  


Tap into your spiritual side with Blue Sapphire.  This stone is thought to increase communication and awareness with spirit guides and help manifest your life’s purpose.  If you are trying to reach another frequency or walk a new path, a neck full of blue sapphires will help you reach those heights.  Get in touch with your innocence and be reminded of the purest parts of yourself.  This stone will bring focus to any karmic growth.     


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