Shades: Can't Stop! Won't Stop!

Say hello to the Shades Color Bloom Collection.  This powerful and somber collection of gems is supermodel Gia type beautiful.  Giving off a regal and mysterious aura, wearing any of these is bound to get you attention.

The Shades Collection will help you separate the good attention from the bad.  Haters gonna hate, but you're to smart to leave the house without protection.  Each gemstone used has a special meaning and when combined create an undeniable cocktail, "Who gone stop me?"

Black Onyx

Are you feeling like no matter how fast you run, you just can’t escape your haters? They’re everywhere; especially your head and your ear.  Keep those haters at bay with Black Onyx.  This stone is often used as a personal amulet for protection and sharpening the instincts.  Place a Black Onyx at your desk to deflect others negative thoughts or energy.  Black Onyx not only helps keep those who wish to manipulate you away but transforms negativity to prevent it from draining you.

Blue (London) Topaz

Focusing can be hard, wearing Blue London Topaz makes things a little easier.  This stone is good for people who do a lot of physical and mental work.  It’s a great tool to use when you need to concentrate and can help you reach the deepest parts of your mind.  It will keep you calm and help you to control feelings of stress, mental pressure and is perfect for people in managing positions. 


Black Spinel

Black Spinel is a protective stone that repels all negativity and grounds the person who wears them.  It is also good for detoxifying the body.  It helps get rid of anger and resentment, replacing them with more effective ways of communication.  Spinel is a stone of revitalization and will bring you tons of inspiration and hope.       

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