China Rose: World Class

Say hello to the China Rose Color Bloom Collection.  This timeless and radiant mixture of gems is a must have for all occasions.  If you are an artist struggling with the pressures of success and looking for a way to find your center, call up your assistant because you need this collection, now!  

The China Rose set will help you find your balance, cut off all those toxic relationships and give you the right vibes to finally relax.  Each gemstone has a special meaning and when combined create the soothing cocktail "The EGOT".



We all know creatives are a little temperamental.  It’s not their fault, they’re artists and just sensitive about their s**t.  Pink Tourmaline is the perfect stone for artists, authors and actors.  It helps promote sleep; which we know they need and helps to separate those who truly love us vs. those who only want something from us.  This stone grants enlightenment, gives power over spiritual affairs, invokes sympathy and can be helpful when dealing with fear.  Say goodbye to stage fright, not knowing who to trust and catch up on some much-needed sleep with this powerful stone.


Bring sexy back with Garnets.  This is a sensual stone and represents fire and the creation of the world out of chaos.  Garnets are associated with strong intense feelings.  If you are finding it difficult to block out any negativity surrounding you, wearing Garnet can help.  It works wonders for grounding you and connecting you to the present, helping you focus on your own energy and not others.  Garnet has several forms and according to the mineral base can mean different things but all of them are usually tied to hope and empowerment.   



Have you been wearing the same hairstyle and old sweats for a week?  Are you in need of a little pizzazz?  Feel large and in charge with Pink Topaz.  Opulence, luxury, vibrancy and strength are all words used to describe this beautiful gem.  Not only will you feel alive, rich and full of life, this stone will give you a soothing energy perfect for healing and recharging after any long days.  Take Pink Topaz with you on vacation to ensure you truly indulge in all the pleasures that come with relaxing.


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