Spicy Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita

Today on InTheMix we have owner of Helms Flowers, Sandra Huerta.

Sandra always knew she wanted to be a business owner, and at a very young age opened up a sandwich shop with some school friends.  The sandwich shop did not last, however the lessons learned from that failed business helped her to open and successfully run Helms Flower shop.


Sandra did not have any prior background in floral arrangements and did not ever suspect she would be doing this with her life.  She learned a lot of her techniques via Youtube and taking a few classes and has since fallen in love with her work.



Not sure what flowers to get someone.  We listed a few flowers and what they symbolize. 


These ruffly flowers don't have the best reputation, but if you love to give them, choose white ("sweet and lovely") or pink ("I will never forget you"). The two-toned version means "I cannot be with you," and yellow ones signify "disdain."

Red Tulips

Red roses aren't the only flower with a romantic meaning; red tulips are also considered a declaration of love.


Daisies are the first level of Girl Scouts so it's only fitting that they represent innocence.


Derived from the French word "pansée," this blossom means thoughtfulness and remembrance.


From their wonderful scent to their beautiful purple hue, a bouquet of lavender is a message of devotion.


It may tricky to spell, but the chrysanthemum has a simple message: honesty

Red Roses

It turns out that these are the perfect bloom for Valentine's Day, representing love and desire.


While they are one of the bolder blooms in a garden, these flowers are actually sentimental. In fact, they serve as a reminder to never forget absent friends.



Flowers and jewelry are perfect together.

Today we mixed up a spicy margarita, perfect for our spicy and fun guest.


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