Spa Water

Today we have Irene Becker In The Mix. Irene is the current owner of Alandales Mens Clothing right here in Downtown Culver City! Irene's passion for her store and mens fashion is really evident, and quite compelling. Alandales is a "one stop shop" for men. Irene's store is really amazing because men can come in and get their hair cut while getting their entire wardrobe chosen for them. We all know that this is every mans dream...the less work the better! #rafia #rafiajewelry 
For Today's Mix we are making a special drink for our guest: Spa Water. Irene was only able to drink water the day of our episode, so that left us to improvise!! Not to fear...we came up with some delicious spa water made specifically for your relaxation. We pulled some fun pieces from our collection to go with our relaxation vibes. We have a variety of beautiful Greens, Blues, & Golds...perfect to complete any outfit, with a touch of zen! Enjoy!