Limencello Margarita

Today on InTheMix with Rafia we are joined by Ira Diamond found of Shoes For The Homeless, a charity dedicated to providing shoes for the homeless around the city.

There are so many great benefits to having proper footwear.  Especially when it comes to our health.  In the early 1900s there was a small outbreak of hookworms in Mississippi.  Improper footwear lead to a parasitic worm being able to bore itself into a foot in a corkscrew manner.  The worm would cause sever illness, anemia being the biggest concern.

Diabetics also can be susceptible to foot infections in the form of ulcers and can lead to amputation which is why it is very important that they have the proper footwear.  Other foot conditions, like bunions, Charcot foot and corns can be alleviated with proper shoes.

Not only are shoes important to our health but also help with posture.

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