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As women it is extremely important to take care of our bodies and mental health.  Cancer is a scary word, but not knowing is worse.  Today we discuss the importance of getting those routine checks and even learning how to do a self examination.  Trusting and listening to your body are key,  notating and being aware of any strange feelings or a change in appearance can make all the difference.   


Here are 12 tips from Self Magazine on how to maintain healthy breast care

 12 Tips for Good Breast Health

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

2. Indulge in some chocolate

3. Don't lose it over a lump

4. Fill up on fruit and veggies

5. Drink less alcohol

6. Get a good night's sleep

7. Don't forget folic acid

8. Practice peace

9. Grab some dark grapes

10. Know your body

11. Maintain a healthy weight

12. Get the screenings you deed—on time

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