In the Mix with Rafia

This week we were thrilled to unveil our new series with the creator and designer of Rafia jewelry! We are proud to introduce In the Mix with Rafia, where Rafia herself will be creating new, innovative and tasty mixed drinks. In 2017 it's all about cool cocktails so we thought we would add a special flair and showcase all the beautiful jewelry handmade at Cooper Collective. What's more fun then being a trendy mixologist, other then looking the part. So check out the First Recipe below, all ingredients and jewelry will be listed below.

Sparkling Kicked Up Float

(alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions listed)

 Recipe Calls For:

- Strawberry Icecream (we used Haagen Dazs)

- Prosecco Champaign - can forgo for nonalcoholic beverage 

- Sparkling Pomegranate Juice (Trader Joes)

-Pomegranate Seeds (Trader Joes)

- Mint Leafs


Place one scoop of strawberry icecream in the bottom of the glass, fill glass with the desired amount of champaign (can leave out), top off the glass with desired amount of sparkling pomegranate juice, add pomegranate seeds to the top of the foam for a little crunch, lastly place mint garnish and there you have it: Sparkling Kicked Up Float 


Rafia is Wearing: 

Large Round Hot Pink Quartz with Rope Bezel 

Flower made with Seed Beads

Ombre Bar Ring


Tune in next week for more delicious and stylish drinks with in The Mix with Rafia! We will be live on Facebook on Friday, and we will be making a Mermaid Lemonade.