Harajuku Taproom

Today we have a special episode for you! We have Adam Guttentag of Harajuku Tap Room here in Culver City. Adam brought with him a few different types of beer that his taproom offers & we have a special guest here today to try them out! 
Adam Guttentag combined his love for Japanese culture and premium beer & founded Harajuku Taproom! This taproom is a great spot, if you are looking to just hand out with your friends after work or you want to catch a quick yummy bite with the fam... This is the place for you! Enjoy premium crafted beer shipped all the way from Japan, alongside some traditional Japanese inspired dishes.
Today, we are showcasing some beautiful pieces from my line that match perfectly to the vibrant colors and logo the taproom uses. You will see our vibrant silk necklaces strung with matching crystals. Perfect for your next night out, maybe to the Harajuku Taproom?