Cran-Ginger Stinger



Today In The Mix we have a special guest, Victor Gonzalez of Paylocity. Paylocity is a software based platform that focuses on payroll and HR within your company and employees. They focus on much more than just that though, at Paylocity they provide the employer with the tools and resources to keep employees engaged and overall invested in your company. Paylocity is dedicated to make sure your employees are present and fully attentive while at work and on the clock. Paylocity is located in all 50 states, they offer their services & platform to companies of all sizes. 

If you are interested in any of their services make sure to visit and tell them Victor sent you. 

The Jewelry Pieces that we are showcasing today are full of colors & layers, perfect for your next holiday get together! We are showing Sunstone Stones and different Green jewels today. For our drink we are going to be having a Cran-ginger Stinger. Your drink will need 1oz rum, 2 oz Cran-ginger, a dash of nimble nectar, a few cubes of ice, and to top it off a orange peel for the garnish. This drink will be a hit at your next holiday gathering, we promise you & all your guest will love it. 

Happy Holidays!