Berry Chip Izze Fizz

Today In The Mix we have Emma Hall from Love The City Thrift. Love The City Thrift Store is located in Culver City and they have been around for about 4 years. This thrift store stands for more than slow fashion but doing good within the community. Love The City Thrift partners with local churches and they work towards creating a better all around community. Love The City Thrift is located at  4325 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230. They are open Monday through Saturday 10- 6, and they accept donations from 11-5. Don't forget to check them out! 
Today we are pairing a yummy Izze float with some timeless yet simple Rafia Pieces. You will see Golds, and dainty designs with a touch of vintage in mind. All of these pieces could be dressed up and or dressed down, depending on your plans for the day. Our drink today is just as simple...just add some of your favorite berry gelato with a dash of Izze on top, and you're set! A perfect drink for anytime of the year.