Flash Sale Events


I just love doing flash sales with companies that have a great reputation such as Hautelook.com.  They have a great site with many subscribers and they treat their vendors very well.  It is initially a lot of work to decide which items to include in the event and making sure  you have the quantities for the sale.  Then once you get all of the sku's and quantities on the worksheet the only thing left to do is sit back and watch your private dashboard.  It is very exciting to see the charts that tell you the number of pieces that are selling, the dollar amount and what states are buying up your beautiful pieces.  I love this part of the experience so much that I cannot put down my ipad where I have my dashboard ready to go I just hit refresh and it's instantly updated.  This goes on for 48hours and after this I receive my purchase order to deliver the items to their warehouse in 4 days.  This is the toughest part of this glorious experience because I hand make every item to order.  My event has been going strong for 14hours now and I have 342 pieces to produce so far.  I am going to be smart this time and get these going immediately before the purchase order is given to me.  My goal is to sell at least 900 pieces in the 48 hours.  www.rafiajewelry.com

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